Ep 01: Kimchi Stew With A Twist!

Kimchi Stew is a common Korean dish that is popular in South Korea and around the world.  In this first episode of Waecookin’, Rachel teaches Paul how to make Kimchi stew or Kimchi Jigae.  Paul has a plan of his own and a twist on the Kimchi stew to westernize it.  What is he going to do?  Whose will taste better?

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김치찌개는 전세계적으로도 유명한 한국음식이죠! 외쿡인의 첫번째 에피소드에서는요, 레이첼이 폴에게 김치찌개 만드는 법을 가르쳐주는데요. 폴은 김치찌개 만드는 법을 배워서 자신만의 방법으로 서양식으로 퓨전화,즉 “웨스터나이즈” 시키는데요. 과연 누구의 김치찌개가 더맛있을까요?

자 다음 에피소드 불고기도 꼭 시청해주시구요, 좋아요, 공유 눌러주시는 것 잊지마세요! 아, 그리고 구독도 꼭 눌러주세요!

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Episode 63, K-PoD: Life In Korea

Being new to Korea has had a lot of positives so far!

Sean White is new to South Korea and doing his service in the Navy on base here in JinHae. He joins the podcast this week to talk about some of his experiences here in South Korea, after being here for just 6 months. Sean has also spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Navy and he tells us what got him into this path in life that he is on. Sean is also a musician and played a few songs that he wrote during his time in the Navy and what music means to him!

It’s the podcast on newbie’s, Navy, and music with guest Sean White for this episode of K-PoD!

Show Notes
  • 02:12

    What brought Sean to South Korea?

  • 02:37

    Sean’s strange accent.

  • 04:37

    Sean plays a mean guitar and he tells us why he started playing.

  • 07:20

    Our guest explains the first song he wrote here in Korea and it’s origins.

  • 12:45

    Song #1: Lessons Learned? by Sean White

  • 16:16

    The reasons Sean got involved with the Navy.

  • 20:12

    The likes and dislikes Sean has with Korea.

  • 22:00

    Spending time in Iraq and the reasons Sean wrote his first song.

  • 24:53

    Song #2: I’d Give It All Up For This by Sean White

  • 30:12

    Having the luxury of his guitar while on deployment.

  • 31:30

    The differences between Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • 33:40

    Heading back home and going to school for the Navy.

  • 34:20

    How Sean ending up choosing to come to JinHae, South Korea.

  • 37:13

    Sean’s thoughts on JinHae and the Changwon area.

  • 38:09

    Being a gamer and Sean’s favorite game.

  • 40:00

    The future plans of Sean in South Korea.

  • 47:20

    Song #3: Popped A String by Sean White


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This Coming Week’s Guest On K-PoD

This coming week’s guest on K-PoD

Daniel Dubois

Daniel will be performing a few songs which you will be able to find on our youTube channel.

The podcast will be focused on being a father here in South Korea.

Daniel lives with his family in JinHae.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Daniel, please email your question to us by this Sunday afternoon to

Tune in this Tuesday to listen to this episode of K-PoD: Life In Korea




K-Pod: Life In Korea

This is our local podcast run at the studio right here in Changwon City.

This show was formally known as The Changwoner Podcast but has changed it’s name to K-PoD.
This show is hosted by Scott, Adam, and Phil and entering it’s 4th season. With a combined 20+ years of teaching and living in South Korea, you will always get great insights to living and working abroad.

To check out the podcast, please visit it’s website at the following link:




Show Ju: A New Game Show (쇼주: 게임쇼)

Show Ju is a new game show that will be on our youTube channel this coming August, 2017.

This will be a Korean game show, hosted by a Korean, both in the Korean and English languages.
The show will have two foreigners competing against each other in three different types of rounds of trivia knowledge on Korea.
SoJu also plays a big part in this game as if you get a question wrong, you do a shot of soju, however, if you get the question right, the other does a shot!