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K-Pod: Life In Korea is now available on SPOTIFY.

K-PoD Now Available on SPOTIFY

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Tune IN Tomorrow for Season 5

K-Pod: Life in Korea will be returning for it’s 5th season on March 4th, 2019.


Some of the topics covered in this season will be Location and Living Conditions in Korea, health care, Teaching and Student Age Ranges, Strange Things in Korea, OINK: Only In Korea and it’s FB group, Why Korea is Different than Home?, The Best and Worst Ways to Teach and Learn English, and more!


New stories, interviews, advice, and guests coming up on season 5!
Be sure to tune in and thanks for all those listeners of the years, new ones, and support^^


Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween Night in CHANGWON CITY!

Today’s the day to get dressed up and have some fun in Changwon!
It’s an early Halloween here in South Korea.
Here are some of the events going on today and tonight for Halloween 2018 right here in Changwon.
There are always a lot of Halloween costume contests, drink specials, and more going on every year in Changwon, so remember to dress up, make your rounds, and have a fun and safe night!

A Halloween Party Event for Changwon Culture and Activity Group

Located in City 7 at English Cafe Edward 영어카페 에드워드
tarting at 4pm
Halloween activities, games, kid friendly, and more!

Event page:

· Hosted by Michael DeLorenzo

Halloween Party at NEXT BAR

Costume contest with great prizes and a special effect makeup artist From 9-11pm for those looking to get or add to their costume. Anybody who purchases a drink from Next gets to get a scary makeup.
Starting: 9pm

Halloween 2018 at O’Briens Irish Bar & Restaurant

Costume contest and drink specials! Costume judging at 12am and 1am.
Starting: 6pm

Halloween Party at IP

Costume contest, drink specials, and more!
Starting: 9pm

Happy halloween with Dancer and B2f at Warehouse

Costume contest, drink specials, dancers, singers, and AMAZING DJ’S!
Starting: 9pm

Event page:

Halloween Party at Biskachy

Drink specials, cocktail buckets, costume contest, and more!
Starting: 10pm

Event page:

Halloween at Monster Bar

Drink specials and a great Halloween atmosphere!

Once again, remember to have a fun and safe night, be creative, and enjoy HALLOWEEN, 2018 in CHANGWON!


Week 1 Voting for K-Pop’s Best Dance Music Video Tournament

Week 1

TVXQ  동방신기 (Catch Me)  VS  2NE1 내가 제일 잘 나가 (I AM THE BEST)

Welcome to K-Pop Global’s Best Dance K-Pop Music Video Tournament

It’s now your turn to VOTE between these two iconic K-Pop dance videos.
Round 1, Week 1

TVXQ  동방신기 (Catch Me)  VS  2NE1 내가 제일 잘 나가 (I AM THE BEST)

Which do you think is the better dance music video?

You can VOTE here by clicking on the ‘i’ icon in the top right hand of this video.

Or you can vote from our Facebook page poll right here:

You have 6 days to vote.  Voting ends next Sunday by 2pm Korean time.

Check out the original music videos in this week’s match up to help you make your decision, and remember to return here to vote!

TVXQ! 동방신기 ‘Catch Me’ MV —


2NE1 – 내가 제일 잘 나가(I AM THE BEST) M/V –


We hope you enjoy our tournament!  Thank you for voting and watching!

The 16 music videos and match up’s in the first round of the tournament are:
Week 1
TVXQ – Catch Me —
2NE1 – I am the Best —

Week 2
EXO-K – Overdose —
Shinee – Ring Ding Dong —

Week 3
EXO – Growl —
Taeyang – RINGA LINGA —

Week 4
Jay Park – Aquaman —
K.A.R.D. – Rumor —–ds4eg

Week 5
BTS – Fire —
Monstax – Hero —

Week 6
Taemin – Move —
Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry —

Week 7
4Minute – Crazy —
Blackpink – BOOMBAYA —

Week 8
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra —
BTS – Not Today —

It’s K-Pop Global’s Best Dance K-Pop Music Video Tournament!
Remember to SUBSCRIBE HERE —

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오른쪽 상단의 아이콘을 클릭하셔서 투표하실수 있습니다.
시청해 주셔서 감사합니다.
어떤 뮤직비디오가 최고의 안무라고 생각하세요?
이 행사에 투표하실수 있는곳에 구독하시고 채널을 맞춰주세요

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Contest: Why Is Chang-Wonderful?

We are having a contest to find out ‘Why is Chang-Wonderful?’.

If you have lived in Changwon City (including Masan and JinHae), South Korea or are currently living here, we would like to know the following:

1) What makes Changwon a great city to live in?
2) What it is you like about the Changwon area?
3) Any stories or experiences you may have to share about Changwon.
4)  Why you would recommend Changwon as a great place to visit/live in South Korea?

Do you think you can answer one of these or all of them?
Then enter our contest to find out!

Our goal for this contest is to find out from foreigners in South Korea (current or past) their thoughts on Changwon and what it means to them ‘Why is Chang-Wonderful?’

You can write us a story/blog and submit it to us via email or using the form below.
Once checked, your submission will be published on
We will choose the winners based off popularity, votes, likes, shares..etc.. so the sooner you submit your entry, the better the odds of winning!

Time Line Start date for Submissions –
January 1st, 2018
End date for Submissions –
March 31st, 2018
5pm Local Korean Time
Winners Announced-April 30th, 2018
5pm Local Korean Time


1) Any story you would like telling us why you think Changwon is so wonderful!
2) Story submission should be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000 words.
3) You should also include a title for your submission.
4)  You can include an image or images to go with your submission but you must own and/or have the permission to use the images you submit.
5) Each Submission shall be in English.
6) Each Submission shall not have been previously exploited or published in any form.
7) Please use factious names in your submission unless you have the permission from the people/places you are writing about.

Submission Guidelines

1) You can email your submission to us including any attachments to
2) Your submission can be directly pasted into the email  or can be within any type of word document as an attachment.

Reasons to Enter and Prizes

1)  You will have your work published with us (Changwonderful) and also with Changwoner Entertainment.
2)  You will help in promoting the City of Changwon to others.
3)  Your submission will help to improve on the foreigner image and help give back to the City of Changwon.
4)  It can just be something fun to do!
5)  We will also have the winners submissions translated into Korean to give better exposure and showcase your submission to the Korean public.
6)  Prizes are yet to be determined but will update soon.  Depending on the number of submissions will determine the number of winners, but most likely we will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email us at or you can contact us via message on facebook at

Come on Changwon Expats!  Enter today and tell us why is Chang-wonderful?


This contest is also brought to you by Changwonderful.
Website –>
FB –>











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