K-Pop Global Is Here!

K-Pop Global Is Now Here from Changwoner Entertainment!

K-Pod Global is a website that helps add to making k-pop a global music genre that can be shared around the world.  We hope to provide visitors with such things as news, blogs, and reviews of the current K-POP scene.  We want to help with introducing the world to some of the popular K-POP bands as well as introduce you to some of the newer K-POP music.  Our goal is to help expand the Korean pop music scene to the world from right here in South Korea and provide a place where fans and people interested can find everything they’re looking for in English regarding the  K-POP scene.

Check out K-Pop Global right here –>  http://kpop.global


I have lived and worked in South Korea for over 15 years now. I have spent those years in the Changwon City area, including JinHae and Masan. I run a podcast on South Korea, local social media sites, and run events for giving back to the community here.