This Coming Week’s Guest On K-PoD

This coming week’s guest on K-PoD

Daniel Dubois

Daniel will be performing a few songs which you will be able to find on our youTube channel.

The podcast will be focused on being a father here in South Korea.

Daniel lives with his family in JinHae.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Daniel, please email your question to us by this Sunday afternoon to

Tune in this Tuesday to listen to this episode of K-PoD: Life In Korea




K-Pod: Life In Korea

This is our local podcast run at the studio right here in Changwon City.

This show was formally known as The Changwoner Podcast but has changed it’s name to K-PoD.
This show is hosted by Scott, Adam, and Phil and entering it’s 4th season. With a combined 20+ years of teaching and living in South Korea, you will always get great insights to living and working abroad.

To check out the podcast, please visit it’s website at the following link:



Show Ju: A New Game Show (쇼주: 게임쇼)

Show Ju is a new game show that will be on our youTube channel this coming August, 2017.

This will be a Korean game show, hosted by a Korean, both in the Korean and English languages.
The show will have two foreigners competing against each other in three different types of rounds of trivia knowledge on Korea.
SoJu also plays a big part in this game as if you get a question wrong, you do a shot of soju, however, if you get the question right, the other does a shot!