Kimbap (김밥): How To Cook Korean Food

Kimbap is Korea’s rice seaweed rolls and can be found almost anywhere in South Korea. Kimbap is common for lunch and a snack and a lot of parents prepare it for their children for school fieldtrips. There are many different kinds of kimbap and different ingredients you can put in them. In this episode of Waecookin’, Rachel teaches Paul how to make homemade style kimbap and Paul will attempt to put his western twist on the dish that could turn into a kimbap bomb!
What is he going to do? Whose will taste better?

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한국인들과 외국인들이 모두 즐겨먹는 김밥! 소풍갈때 먹었던 그 김밥이죠? 김밥에는 많은 종류가 있는데요, 요번 외쿡인 에피소드 에서는 레이첼이 폴에게 집김밥 만드는 법을 가르쳐주었습니다. 폴은 한국음식 김밥을 웨스터나이즈 시켜서 김밥 폭탄(?) 을 만드는데요! 과연 어떻게 했을까요? 어떤 김밥이 더 맛있을까요? 기대해주세요!

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Show Notes
0:43 – What is kimbap?
1:52 – Ingredients to make kimbap.
4:12 – Step 1: Mix and cook 2-3 eggs (scrambled egg style).
9:57 – Step 2: Slowly fold the egg in the frying pan.
12:09 – Step 3: Slowly fry each of the vegetables used in making kimbap to soften them up.
13:44 – Step 4: Place the vegetables and ingredients back on each plate after frying.
14:07 – Step 5: Cut the egg into 4 long strips.
14:51 – Step 6: Place a seaweed sheet onto the rolling mat. (Shiny side down).
15:14 – Step 7: Brush on a thin layer of sesame oil to the top part of the seaweed.
15:44 – Step 8: Add rice to the seaweed (about 2 1/3s) and speed out.
17:03 – Step 9: Add a strip of each ingredient on top of the rice.
19:02 – Step 10: Rolling the Kimbap. Slowly begin to roll the ingredients in the mat.
19:52 – Step 11: Brush the rolled kimbap with the sesame oil.
22:28 – Rachel and Paul attempt making another kimbap after Paul’s failure.
25:03 – Paul tries to westernize his kimbap.
41:37 – Taste test of the traditional kimbap.
42:31 – Taste test of Paul’s westernized kimbap.
43:46 – Rachel and Paul decide who’s dish is best.
45:23 – End show credits.
45:37 – Final message from Rachel and Paul.

Ingredients for Kimbap
– 맛살 Crab meat
-햄 Ham
-오이 Cucumber
-당근 Carrots
-단무지 Yellow Radish
-계란 Eggs
-우엉 Burdock Root
-밥 Rice
-소금/참기름 Salt/ Sesame Oil
-김 Seaweed

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I have lived and worked in South Korea for over 15 years now. I have spent those years in the Changwon City area, including JinHae and Masan. I run a podcast on South Korea, local social media sites, and run events for giving back to the community here.