A Chat About Teaching English in Korea and Asia

K-PoD: Life In Korea

Teaching English in Korea and in Asia can have its difficulties. Smart phones (cell phones) and students using them in class and where we stand as teachers with regards of their use. Controlling our classroom and how to do it! Teaching in Korea compared to teaching in China. Classroom sizes and more!

This is a clip from K-PoD: Life in Korea. The podcast that brings you some of the lives of people living and working in South Korea and the people doing just that!

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Demo EFL Class – https://youtu.be/UIRdm3Q5HeE
Mr James – ESL Teaching in China! – https://youtu.be/9YeS2muDKsg
How do you feel today? EFL Classroom Video ingilizcesinifi.org – https://youtu.be/heHSTFmY7fs
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I have lived and worked in South Korea for over 15 years now. I have spent those years in the Changwon City area, including JinHae and Masan. I run a podcast on South Korea, local social media sites, and run events for giving back to the community here.