About Changwoner Entertainment

The Changwoner was established in 2012 by Scott McFarlane.  It originally started as a website for expats living in the Changwon City, South Korea.  Since then, the website has gone though changes, a local podcast (originally called The Changwoner) was created which is now known as K-PoD: Life In Korea.

Changwoner Entertainment is a company looking to provide different forms of content with regards to South Korea and the Changwon City area.  These forms of content would include News, Events, Videos, and Podcasts.  The Changwoner is and remains a community for everyone living in the great city of Changwon and for anyone thinking of moving here.  We are also dedicated towards giving back to the city of Changwon and run fundraisers to help with local charities.  We hope you enjoy living in Changwon City just as much as we do and hope you become a Changwoner today!


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